Mr. George Akhras

Mr. George Akhras

  • Chief Information Officer, AMSI

George Akhras is the CIO of AMSI, a collaboration of academicians and educators who bring together a wealth of experience and international expertise. Providing high quality education, AMSI manages the Al Mawakeb schools and the International School of Arts and Sciences (ISAS) in Dubai, in addition to a number of schools in the UAE and the region.

George has over 25 years of experience in ICT planning, network and system design and administration, e-learning software development and streamlining of academic and business processes. During this time, he directed and managed several innovative and award-winning projects that integrated the latest information and communication technologies into the traditional school environment.

An educator at heart, his passion for the educational industry and its betterment is reflected best with him serving on the advisory board of reputable universities in the UAE.

In 2018, he led the AMSI Digital Credentials initiative - the latest digital transformation applying Blockchain technology for the issuance, management and exchange of students’ certificates and diplomas.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, George accelerated the ICT transformation in AMSI schools and focused on integrating a virtual classroom plug-in to the existing Learning Management System to optimize the online academic delivery and incorporate the “traditional” school routines into the Distance Learning environment.

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Day 01 12/23/2020 12:00 am
3rd Day 10/01/2020 12:00 am
2nd Day 09/30/2020 12:00 am