Mr. Arjit Mehrotra

Mr. Arjit Mehrotra

  • Head of Human Resources, Landmark Digital

Arjit Mehrotra, Head of Human Resources – Digital & Technology at Landmark Group, is a global HR practitioner with about 14+ Years of experience partnering with board to achieve business excellence, drive change and transformation initiatives.

Prior to joining Landmark, he has worked with industries such as e-commerce, hyperlocal & mobility.

Arjit believes that there is a lot one can gain through conversation with people outside of their immediate HR circles and for that reason he often finds himself at the intersection of discussions between business or other business enablers at the workplace.

He believes that technology is disrupting our world and HR is no exception to that. The advent of mobile application-based HR systems on-demand services and platform talent analytics, gig economy, sub-contracting, learning technology, etc. will call for significant upskilling on the part of HR managers to keep their relevance intact. As technology frees HR’s bandwidth of erstwhile operational tasks, business immersion will be key.

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